Measure. Optimize. Succeed.


Readers value a high fidelity magazine experience, from vivid color to precise layout. Build brand credibility and educate buyers with relevant content that moves prospects toward a purchase.

Digital Branding

Advantage offers a variety of web display ad options that fit your budget and your business. Our extensive array of media options demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class digital advertising solutions.

Performance Based

Performance based marketing is a dynamic method that relies on targeting and interacting with a specific audience to produce actionable data. Pay-for-performance advertising ensures that you only pay for actionable results.


Advantage hosts a number of elite events for professionals to learn from one another, network amongst peers, and inspire creativity and innovation together.


If you're not a case study in marketing, you're not growing. A great case study is a story of triumph over the twists and turns in the modern marketing landscape, and the narrative of blazing your own trail in a brave new world.

You need a solution, not another process. Advantage Business Marketing believes that B2B marketing is way more than placing some ads and counting the clicks. At Advantage, we believe in accountability, respect, commitment, having a voice, and caring about each others' success. That doesn't just apply to our internal teams—we extend those same core values to our clients, prospects, and external shareholders as well. Because we're all in this together. We, as a team, make the case study happen.

Advantage is a marketing services platform, born from media, that utilizes content and data to measure and optimize performance; we help marketers to succeed in connecting with industry buyers seeking solutions from innovation to utilization.


Advantage Business Marketing is unique because we generate original content that helps you generate demand. We offer the largest audience base available that covers the entire manufacturing spectrum from innovation to distribution.


We sought to write a case study. Why? Because we knew we needed to shift our business model, and wanted to document the steps we took to achieve just that. And also because we knew our business model mirrored that of our clients. We needed an efficient way to create leads to feed the funnel that would contribute to the bottom line. We wanted to become a real marketing company. They call it “eating your own dog food.” It’s coming up with a solution that would serve your clients so well that you have no option but to use it yourself. Rising from the ashes as “Advantage Business Marketing,” we knew that if we could prove that we can succeed with this new model, then we could prove this path to success to our clients as well.


First and foremost, we are real people who have been in your shoes. Born from media in 2006, Advantage collected a series of 23 publications that covered the life cycle of all stages of manufacturing. In the process of mastering these brands, we discovered that marketing and data was where our true interests and talent lie. This led to a vital pivot in 2018, in which we consolidated these audiences to provide more value to audiences and clients alike. Instead of limiting content, audience, data, and marketing opportunities to individual brand silos, we knocked down the fences to give everyone greater access to the things they need the most.


Advantage is anchored in five core values:

  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Caring About Each Other’s Success
  • Having a Voice

At Advantage, we believe in transparency, creativity, and expression. Our headquarters has transformed from a traditional office to a visionary space where data whizzes, genius writers, marketing gurus, master developers, sales pros, and more collaborate each day to create magic for clients and audiences alike.

Most importantly, we enjoy coming to work every day. Want to join us?

100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 600
Rockaway, NJ 07866