Our expert editors and contributors create in-depth pieces vital to professionals working in research, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution.


Rather than casting out into the world with the hopes of finding the right prospects for our clients, we offer an entire community ready to learn and engage.

Marketing Solutions

Advantage provides services for every stage of the marketing process, creating a closed loop that turns the concept of the sales funnel on its head.

Data Management

We combine the most comprehensive behavioral data in the marketplace with millions of hours of experiential data, giving you the ability to target the exact prospects you need to create sales and grow as a business.

Measure. Optimize. Succeed.

Based on our assessment and extensive experience in the market, we shrugged off our well-known “publisher” title in 2014 to embrace the role of a fully hybrid marketing organization. By building on the solid roots of our strong editorial content and audience data, we have grown into cross-channel B2B marketing experts, covering a wide swath of industries and specialties.

Our Mission

Want to know more about Advantage's story? See where we've come from, where we are now, and where we're going-and how we can help you tell your story.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees...

Custom Offerings

Our custom solutions connect our customers with our loyal audiences through digital media offerings, magazines, and conferences.


Passionate about innovation? Join our team of publishers, editors, contributors and media pros committed to covering the core of global innovation.

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Got Content?

We do. Connect with one of our market experts and tell your story.

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