Brand Overview

IMPO magazine has served as a leading resource to manufacturers for the past 75 years. Its longstanding readership makes IMPO a trusted voice in the industry.

IMPO’s mission is to provide its loyal readership with valuable news and information to help them work smarter, not harder. From the latest product technology innovations, process improvement strategies, and best practices – to manufacturing news and market report – IMPO’s consistent voice serves as a “how to” guide for tackling the increasingly competitive manufacturing landscape.

IMPO’s editorial is designed to help our readers navigate the multitude of issues they face in a given day. We find the best way to deliver this information is in a variety of formats (both online and in print) in short, readable doses.

As the “new normal” begins to rigidify, many IMPO readers will go forth with more responsibilities, smaller staffs, and a host of Lean, cost-cutting measures that complicate their everyday tasks. It’s IMPO’s goal to provide the type of unbiased resources that these individuals need to keep up with these changes.

Market Overview

Manufacturers Embracing Technology to Keep Pace on a Global Scale

Market trends suggest that the domestic manufacturing industry has stabilized significantly since 2009. Despite this positive trend, some industry sectors (like automotive) have been faring better than others, and caution dominates much of the discussion as U.S.- based manufacturers still struggle to compete on a global scale. Ultimately, hiring has seen an up-tick and optimism, though fluctuating, has improved immensely in the past two years.

Yet, manufacturing management faces a litany of critical issues as it relates to this complex industry, and must juggle a multi-skill, multi-shift environment that’s constantly changing. Some of the core areas of focus for plant managers include:

  • Improving operating efficiency (relative to efficient use of labor, production/machinery, energy, and space/footprint). This includes how to optimize the latest in product technology, as well as harnessing the resources of industry experts in operational methodology and best practices.
  • Job creation and development (including training and recruitment as well as learning to compete on a global playing field). Manufacturing still faces a significant skill gap going into the future.
  • Economic issues, like purchasing trends, taxation, stimulus, raw material costs, and supply chain issues.
  • Safety and compliance, such as ensuring employees make the right decisions to maintain a safer workplace, and also staying compliant with industry requirements. 

For many, success means keeping pace with manufacturing as it adapts to its surroundings – whether that’s through better access to information around training, regulations, and labor issues, or a keen understanding of product technology and market trends.

Content Focus

IMPO offers a from-the-field perspective in keeping manufacturing facility managers, engineering personnel and plant maintenance professionals up-to-date on new processes, technology and product information that impacts every facet of production efficiency. With two daily e-mail newsletters and 10 annual print editions, IMPO is a leading voice in plant engineering, sustainability, and MRO. With coverage that ranges from on-site, best-practices articles to product updates to webinars and hourly postings for, the property has been a pillar in the manufacturing community for more than 70 years.

Integrated Audience

IMPO connects you with a market-leading audience of MRO and plants operations professionals. Our unduplicated integrated audience greatly expands your ability to establish a credible presence and influence a larger community of prospects who seek out the information and technology solutions they need through a variety of media.

Content Calendar

IMPO engages MRO and plant operations professionals daily, weekly, and monthly with relevant industry news and technology solutions, delivering it in the formats that meet their business and professional needs.

Editorial Guidelines

The following Contributor Guidelines should be considered when submitting articles for review.

  • Submissions should be no more than 1,000 words.
  • Submissions should be sent as a Word Document.
  • Each submission should include the author name, title and affiliation.
  • Please include a headshot of the author.
  • Exclusive pieces will be given priority, so please let us know if your article has previously been published elsewhere.
  • Submissions should be written with an industry-wide perspective and not be promotional for any one product or company. Any promotional language will be edited.
  • We reserve the right to edit the piece as we see fit, but we’re also happy to pass on a final draft to the author before it appears on the site.
  • Because we publish new content every day, there’s no hard deadline for submission. However, we do reserve the right to publish the piece in accordance with our production cycle.


The Online Connection to MRO and Plant Operations Professionals

IMPO’s website allows you to reach decision-makers in your target audience while they’re actively seeking news and information that impacts their plants, as well as technology and problem-solving solutions that can assist their performance and efficiency. The exposure your message will receive can help you meet your strategic marketing goals, including brand/company awareness, traffic-building, product introduction, and technological education.


Daily Contact With Your Best Prospects

IMPO‘s daily newsletters present an excellent opportunity to target key buyers across the industrial manufacturing marketplace. IMPO Insider and IMPO’s Second Shift newsletters are deployed each day, Monday through Friday, to more than 85,895 IMPO readers who receive a mix of editorial features, new products, and industry news.

New Responsive Design

Currently, 54% of email is opened on mobile devices.* Food Manufacturing’s new responsive design format allows for easy viewing on any device, automatically adapting to the size of the screen on which it’s being displayed, presenting your message in an engaging, readable manner.

*Source: Litmus ”State of Email” (March 2017)


Product News and Information for Plant Operations Managers and Engineers

IMPO magazine targets an audience of 61,220* plant operation managers and engineers. Particular emphasis is placed on coverage of the hottest issues affecting your target audience. Editorial includes the latest information on key topics such as safety, security, efficiency, energy usage, and the emergence of new technologies in all facets of plant maintenance and operations.

*Publisher's data, effective January 2016.

Custom Marketing Solutions

Webcasts – Efficient and effective, webcasts are an exceptional way to generate high quality leads while positioning your company as a thought leader and market expert. IMPO will work with you to develop custom webcast content based on your suggestions and expertise. A complete marketing program is implemented to attract a qualified audience of attendees.

E-Marketing Blasts – Add significant stopping power and impact to your sales and marketing campaign with your custom-designed, audience-directed message. A personalized e-blast will educate and inform a top-level audience of IMPO subscribers as you build excitement with your opportunity-specific message.

Video – Video marketing is an effective online marketing tool, working alongside traditional web-based strategies to inform, educate, and inspire. Complete turnkey services are available to help you produce a custom video to drive brand awareness and effectively position yourself as an expert as you produce educational, informational, and thought-leadership content.

Remarketing – Elevate brand awareness and increase your online lead-gen efforts with Remarketing by reconnecting with buyers who hold the greatest potential for purchasing your products. Remarketing adds significant value to a host of initiatives, including launching products, rebranding and repositioning, influencing market perception, correcting a market misconception, and more.

Website and Remarketing Segmentation – Deliver targeted marketing messages at scale to extremely focused audience segments on our websites and through our remarketing network. Segmentation is available by topic, allowing you to target an audience interested in a specific type of editorial content, and by geographical location to help you direct your message to areas where you’retrying to find the right customers and restrict it in other less important locales.

White Papers – The White Paper Showcase is an effective way to deliver high-level content and key technical information to an audience eager to learn more from authorities on issues, technology, and trends impacting their industry.

Research – Use custom research to uncover market perceptions about your company or products, benchmark new product introductions, or measure your standing next to your competitors.

Reprints – Reprints of print and online IMPO features are an excellent companion piece to your own product marketing kits, spec sheets, and white papers.

List Rentals – Specialized postal, telemarketing, and email lists are available to target prospects that buy and influence the purchase of your product or service. Direct mail marketing experts are available to work with you to identify, quantify, and target prospects to propel your lead-gen initiatives.

Our Clients

IMPO works with leading companies to build integrated media programs that help them achieve their high-level sales and marketing objectives. Our partners include:

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