Advantage Business Marketing
boasts a jaw-dropping 78%
viewability rate.

Display ads on Advantage’s websites places you in the spotlight on the pages our audience visits every day.

Advantage Business Marketing’s average click-thru rate on website display ads continues to increase, thanks to ad server enhancements, larger ad units with “sticky” positions, and real-time rich media. Our extensive array of media options demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class digital advertising solutions. We offer options that can be placed on our websites, or ads that can push your business to the forefront on social media.

  • Quality branding for new products
  • Direct links to your websites
  • Visual representations of your organization
  • Recognition of your logo and branding

Advantage offers a variety of web display ad options that fit your budget and your business, while ensuring the best possible ROI. Choose from a variety of standard display ads or consider our real-time rich media social ads. Combine them to to maximize the scale and agility of your B2B marketing and communications platform. Programmatic options are also available! Advantage boasts highly engaged niche audiences spanning the manufacturing and innovation spaces, ensuring that we can target the perfect prospects looking for exactly the products and/or services you offer.


Advantage uses the SendMyAd portal to make submitting your creatives as easy as possible.

  • SendMyAd...
  • Lets you know if there’s a problem with your ad
  • Shows you the problem and offers suggestions on how to fix it
  • Offers a resize/trim tool which will let you fix any size and trim problems without reworking the native file
  • Provides InDesign templates under the "ad sizes" tab to ensure that your ad will be the correct size

SendMyAd helps us make sure that your ad prints exactly as you intend it to!



Take the Guesswork Out of Connecting With Your Target Audience. Advantage’s programmatic advertising opportunities allow you to efficiently supercharge your digital marketing campaigns by targeting the right audience at the right time with extreme precision to drive higher quality leads. Your message will receive unprecedented exposure as it is served exclusively to the pre-defined target audience that you want to reach across the web.

Why Use Programmatic Advertising?
  • ENGAGE - Utilizing real-time customer data and insights, you’ll engage your prime audience directly.
  • FOCUS - Take the focus off site buying (where your ad is seen) and puts it on audience buying (who it is seen by).
  • GET RESULTS - Open doors to robust customer engagement for your brand across the web, delivering qualified impressions, clicks, and conversions faster.

All programmatic ad impressions are optimally targeted. There’s no guesswork. You only reach appropriate potential customers across the web that match your audience profile. It’s a complete turnkey operation. You provide the creative message and we do the rest, including full reporting metrics.

Up to 750,000 impressions are available each month for branding, driving traffic, product launches, and positioning campaigns.


Custom Video

Advantage Business Marketing has a dedicated, in-house video team that combines experience and data to plan, create and edit quality custom videos. Clients are given full ownership of videos made by Advantage for their organization, and can choose to host the video on their own server or Youtube channel, or on one of Advantage’s various brand channels.
Custom video options are ideal for any client looking to establish a brand personality for their organization.

  • Content -  A launching pad for establishing your brand personality.
  • News - A visual explanation of exactly what your company has to offer.
  • Inboxes - A full view of the ways in which you stand out from their competition.
  • • Thirty seconds of video and voice-over
  • • A consult with our professional video team
  • • Access to first cut with single edit
  • • Additional film time and edits available (at additional cost)


Sponsored Video

We also offer the opportunity to sponsor one of our video series or a segment of the Advantage Business Network. Sponsored videos are a great way for clients to set themselves apart from their competitors by associating themselves directly with an informational and/or educational video offering. Sponsorship also never expires, and your organization will permanently be associated with the video.
We ensure that sponsored video pre-roll footage is crisp, clean, and direct— leaving a lasting impression in potential customers’ minds.

  • A unique platform for you to establish your brand’s personality.
  • Demonstration of your reach and expertise within the field.
  • Staying Power - permanently associating your organization with the video and its content.
  • • Fifteen seconds of pre-roll before the episode
  • • Logo placement in the video thumbnail
  • • Name mention in beginning of video
  • • One consultative meeting


Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are a type of “explainer video” used by businesses to quickly tell their company story and highlight their product or service. These types of videos are highly effective because they humanize a company, and establish an instant connection with viewers. Advantage’s video department handles your whiteboard video from start to finish. With just a few key ingredients, we can cook up a uniquely “you” experience for your target audience, which you can use on any platform you choose.

  • Affordable - Get your message out without killing your budget
  • Achievable - Whiteboard videos work for everyone
  • Digestible - Engage viewers with your story
  • Profitable - Increase conversions and retain clients
  • • Thirty seconds of video and voiceover
  • • A consult with our professional video team
  • • Access to first cut with single edit
  • • Additional film time and edits available (at additional cost)