We sought to write a case study. Why? Because we knew we needed to shift our business model, and wanted to document the steps we took to achieve just that. And also because we knew our business model mirrored that of our clients. We needed an efficient way to create leads to feed the funnel that would contribute to the bottom line. We wanted to become a real marketing company. They call it “eating your own dog food.” It’s coming up with a solution that would serve your clients so well that you have no option but to use it yourself. Rising from the ashes as “Advantage Business Marketing,” we knew that if we could prove that we can succeed with this new model, then we could prove this path to success to our clients as well.

The case study documents everything from changing company culture, to shifting our focus on how to best serve our clients, and finding the most direct path to ROI for our sales team. Each piece contributed to getting us out of the red and building an environment that was both fun and profitable. Previously, the ABM team suffered through steadily declining revenues and a lack of morale. Those two factors combined were materializing as a very fast and dangerous downward spiral. The bleak environment was no secret to the staff, and the situation seemed hopeless.

But we all came together and found the light. The full case study details every step of our path. We started with a new CEO who demanded change in every possible way. We painted the walls bright green. We changed our logo. We built a new brand. We re-structured how the sales team sells. We instructed the editorial team to take a new direction. We tapped into partners to gather the technology needed to execute on our new products and services. We used KPIs to identify what was working and what wasn’t. We dismantled and re-built every business unit and how it functions to make each process more streamlined. Our tagline was “Measure. Optimize. Succeed.” And that’s precisely what we did …and continue to do every single day.