First and foremost, we are real people who have been in your shoes. Born from media in 2006, Advantage collected a series of 23 publications covering the life cycle of all stages of manufacturing. In the process of mastering these brands, we discovered that marketing and data was where our true interests and talent lie. This led to a vital pivot in 2018, in which we unified these audiences to provide more value to audiences and clients alike. Instead of limiting content, audience, data, and marketing opportunities to individual brand silos, we knocked down the fences to give everyone greater access to the things they need the most.

Now our audiences have open access to the content that affects their daily lives, and clients have access to the market segments, subsegments, heck—to all the people named Judy in the Wichita area who work in labs and like ice cream (hi Judy!).

In a world where IoT is king, we knew that an interconnected community was a better community for all. So we embarked on the road towards fully integrated systems, becoming our own case study in the services we wanted to provide to our clients.

Through the last 7 years we have customized, implemented, and integrated our email service provider (ESP), content management system (CMS), artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) systems, marketing automation platforms (MAPs), customer relationship management (CRM) system, custom audience & behavior data warehouse, API integration platform, and business intelligence platform. We know how frustrating the process can be because we’ve been there ourselves.

That’s why we built Advantage Business Marketing: to lead the way down the path to marketing success. By putting together a content marketing, data, and audience warehouse, we have created a whole solution for clients.

We’re a little different. That’s what makes us great.