Advantage Business Media Debuts AbsoluteReach Metric

ROCKAWAY, N.J. – Advantage Business Media has introduced AbsoluteReach, a new “integrated reach” marketing metric to bring clarity to media reach and consumption. Effective November 1, 2013, all Advantage Business Media publications will provide marketers with a deduplicated integrated audience statement that spans print, email, and Website readership. 

“We believe it’s time for media partners to be accountable to marketers for providing deduplicated audience counts across media channels,” said Advantage Business Media’s CMO Prescott Shibles. “No one talks about Website 'hits' anymore, and we believe the days of using inflated integrated metrics to impress a media buyer are over as well.”

The new metric leverages a tight integration between Advantage Business Media’s Unified Identity Management (UIM) database, Adobe Omniture, and Exact Target to analyze crossover usage between magazine, email newsletter, and Website users. Instead of taking the sum of all of these touchpoints, AbsoluteReach looks across devices and channels to provide a more accurate picture of real people who engage with Advantage's brands.

The end result provides an interesting picture of today's media landscape:

Laboratory Equipment Integrated Audience InfoGraphic

  • Social media is being used in conjunction with email newsletters in some cases and in others is being used as a substitute. More than 13% of social media visits came from email newsletter subscribers. This would indicate that Website advertising has become a more important part of the advertising buy than it has been historically, as Website advertising is able to reach those social-only readers.

  • Mobile usage is inflating unique users. The integrated reach number found that 8.8% of unique users were those accessing from multiple devices. Nearly 60% of device duplication was driven by smartphones.

  • Email is as much of a mobile medium as social media, but email trumps social media for visitor loyalty. Email newsletter subscribers generated 94% more page views per unique visitor than social media visitors. 

Integrated reach can help marketers make informed decisions about reach and frequency and demonstrates the inherent benefit of executing multi-channel campaigns. Advantage has made this information available for each of its 27 brands.

All integrated audience reports are available in the "Brands" section of

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