TinkerENG Video Series Announced

ROCKAWAY, NJ, July 30 - TinkerENG, a new reality-based video series that aims to bring conceptual engineering ideas to prototype and then to market, launches August 1, 2017. Owned and produced by Advantage Business Media, TinkerENG begins with a call for product idea submissions from its varied B2B audiences and will welcome entries from anyone who believes they have a consumer goods product idea but lacks the know-how (or the funding) to bring it to market.

Criteria to submit to TinkerENG is as follows:

  • Feasibility: can be manufactured using available technology
  • Cost: cannot exceed an MSRP of $500 or be below $50
  • Inventor Market Fit: can the founder reliably guide the development of the product?
  • Product Size: must be small enough to be shown on video
  • Completeness: can be close to original prototype, not a finished product
  • Market Validation: must have some sort of Total Achievable Market
  • Barrier to Entry: development cannot be prohibitively expensive
  • Originality: cannot replicate another product
  • Market: avoid oversaturated markets
  • Appropriateness: product cannot be used for illegal activities and cannot be drug/firearms
  • Video: submission of video strongly suggested

The submission process will run through September 29.

Following the close of the submission process, the judging process for entries will begin, led by James McArthur (CEO of Formtap) and Peter Ragonetti (Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute; co-founder of Formtap; and the MD of PTR Design Studio, a full-service product design studio).

Ten finalist projects will be chosen for Season One of the video series, which will feature up to four episodes per month and will follow the lifecycle of each product all the way through to prototype and potential crowdfunding.

To understand more about TinkerENG, visit TinkerENG.com