Drive Traffic Affordably

Cost Per Click

Cost per click (CPC) is a performance-based marketing method used to drive guaranteed traffic to a designated web destination. Advantage Business Marketing is pleased to offer a fully integrated CPC program, customized for your individual organizational goals. We ensure that your campaign is generating quality clicks and increasing engaged visits. You only pay when users actually click on messaging that directs them to a specific landing page or URL that you’ve designated.

CPC Programs Offer:

  • Precisely targeted traffic
  • Set rates for set prices
  • Flexible campaigns through multiple channels
  • Instant results

Our Advantage

Our team will design a CPC campaign that targets your ideal audience by combining your existing promotional materials with creatives developed by our in-house experts. From there, the team will decide how, where, and when to promote your material to ensure the best visibility and greatest potential ROI, optimizing and adjusting as necessary. We then analyze historical data gathered from our many channels and previous campaigns to find the right moments to present your message to our audience. We cater to those moments— by device, channel, creative format, context, and behavior.

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