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Cost Per Lead

Cost per lead (CPL) is a performance-based marketing method that provides qualified leads for your sales team. Depending on your product or service, Advantage connects you with a specific audience already interested in the field who are already seeking an organization like yours. Advantage then works to guide your target audience to an asset that appeals to them. If they successfully respond to our call-to-action, they become a potential lead for your campaign. You provide us with your website, audience requirements, and any marketing assets you have. We will then create a customized campaign that suits your product or service and lead requirements and run your campaign, providing updates and lead reports according to your campaign requirements. Our leads are de-duped, cleansed, qualified and vetted thoroughly before we deliver them to you. We will never charge you for unqualified leads, providing only those that are immediately ready for your marketing funnel.

Our Advantage

Our CPL programs provide:

  • Access to a specific, engaged audience of your choosing
  • Custom forms and filters that narrow down prospects
  • Leads in a “cleansed” and vetted list

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