Add Interactivity To Ads With Digital Editions

Digital Editions

What is it?

All Advantage Business Marketing publications have a digital edition, sent to a unique segment of a publication's audience. The digital edition is a replica of the print edition and contains all the content of the print magazine, including articles and advertising. Readers value the high fidelity magazine experience, from vivid color to precise layout. Our digital editions can be accessed with any modern web browser without need for additional software download. With a digital edition, readers can easily search, browse back issues, clip, save and share pages with friends and social networks like Facebook.

Our Advantage

Advertisers can enjoy multiple spots for sponsorship. The most popular options include: banner ads, “blow-in” style overlays, and button ads within the navigation. Print ads are included in your digital edition, maximizing their reach. Ads can hotlink in real-time for more features or to access advertiser promotions, and more.

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