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Live Events

What is it?

A Live Event gives you the opportunity to be seen as the sponsor of panel discussions on the hottest tech and industry topics for your industry. Live Events help to position your company as:

  • a key contributor to industry knowledge and advancement
  • committed to adding to the discourse in techniques and approaches
  • being at the forefront of your industry’s innovation and technical trends

Our Advantage

A Live Event is a unique branding opportunity for your company. As a sponsor you’ll benefit from recognition and association with discussion that engages design engineers who have a passion for content that impacts their work. The result for you is heightened brand awareness and lead generation that will fuel your high-level marketing objectives.

Live events are dynamic back-and-forth dialogues that pull viewers in. Your company will be featured prominently amongst experts who are delivering unique and valuable content to those who need to know what’s happening, what’s coming next, and how it will affect their industry.

Live Events are:

  • presented live online
  • moderated by Advantage Business Marketing editors
  • featuring high-level discussions on today’s industry challenges
  • filled with engaging, unscripted interaction from expert panelists
  • where industry professionals go to learn about solutions
  • techniques, and issues that will impact their work
  • enhanced by viewer questions and comments via Twitter
  • archived for viewing for additional branding and lead generation