Enhance Buyers’ Impressions

Magazine Advertising

What is it?

Magazine advertising continues to be an effective form of communicating both brand and product-specific messages to targeted audiences. Your prospects approach professional publications with a specific goal – to find items of interest that will help their companies become more productive and efficient. At the same time, magazine advertising enhances buyers’ impressions about suppliers, leveling the playing field for companies of all sizes.

Our Advantage

The Advantage Business Marketing magazine brands create an environment of discovery, which allows you to reach prospects who are receptive to advertising messages. Our magazines effectively reach high caliber industry professionals – innovators with the power to buy and specify your products.

Ongoing communication with this audience allows you to initiate relationships early in the buying cycle when supplier selection can be influenced, creating initial product awareness, as your prospects search for new technology. By stimulating reader interest, they’ll be prompted to take further action – visiting your website and contacting you for more information.