What is it?

Advantage Business Marketing's unique B2B mobile website experience allows you to connect with audiences on-the-go. Our new series of mobile website creative units appear on Advantage Business Marketing’s streamlined mobile-friendly websites. These mobile ad units are integrated throughout our breaking news features and industry coverage, engaging audiences with clear, focused messages.

Available mobile creative units include:

  • Smartphone Static Wide Banner – Static or Real Time Rich Media (320 x 50 pixels)
  • Smartphone Swipe Interstitial (Displayed after every 4th swipe of content cards) – Static or Real Time Rich Media (250 x 425 or 300 x 250 pixels)
  • Smartphone Boombox (Displayed after every 4th item on listing pages and below the body text on the content pages) – Static or Real Time Rich Media (300 x 250 pixels)

Our Advantage

Mobile users have different objectives than desktop users – they want information in quick, easily-digestible bites. Our streamlined mobile-friendly websites automatically render content on mobile devices without the nuance of downloading a special app to access featured news and information. Within these sites, Advantage Business Marketing’s mobile ads deliver a fresh branding opportunity unique to this experience to drive user interaction and brand lift. The mobile creative experience may be viewed across a variety of devices with varying display sizes ranging from iPhones to Droids. 

Smartphone Boombox Content Pages

Smartphone Boombox Listing Pages

Mobile Static Wide Banner

Smartphone Slider Wide Banner

Smartphone Swipe Interstitial