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Real-Time Rich Media

What is it?

Real-Time Rich Media enables Advantage’s advertisers to scale their content marketing and social media efforts into digital advertising. Promote your blog content, forums, press releases, video, or social media updates in real-time to any of our qualified audiences.

Responding to campaign performance metrics or daily events is easy since ad creative is automatically updated with fresh content in real-time. For example, clients who want to gain more traction on Twitter can embed their Twitter feed in their ad, and new tweets appear within the ad as soon as they do on Twitter. As you learn what is working, apply your best practices across your campaigns. Real-Time Rich Media can be used on any of our supported ad sizes.

Our Advantage

Combine Real-Time Rich Media with Remarketing or Website Display Ad Segmentation to maximize the scale and agility of your B2B marketing and communications platform.

Real-Time Rich Media Ad Examples

Large Rectangle 620x300

Boombox 300x250

Static Content

Large Tower 300x600

Pencil Pushdown 970x30

...Plus Expandable Sizes