Improve Purchase Intent and Marketing Scale


What is it?

At its core, Remarketing identifies users who have visited a specific website and re-engages them with display advertising as they later browse and search the web. Interest in specific products or brands resonates with these buyers as relevant messages are served to them multiple times over the course of a remarketing campaign, giving marketers the ability to create significant brand awareness and influence purchasing decisions as prospects move through the sales funnel.

Remarketing retains its effectiveness as a key brand awareness and influential purchasing tool because it allows marketers to connect or reconnect with users/buyers who hold the greatest potential for purchasing their products.

Our Advantage

Advantage Media has demonstrated success in delivering return on investment for marketing campaigns. In the case study mentioned below, we were able to demonstrate the following metrics for success:

  • 110% increase in purchase intent
  • 14% increase in branded search
  • Nearly 400 clicks generated in less than a month

To learn more about how to use remarketing and measure ROI, download this case study and white paper.